SAC Challenge 2015 – Week 2 pt.1

So I have some lyrics and some melodic ideas for them but really struggling with this week’s challenge. Write an explosive pop hit! YIKES! Trying to get my anxiety out of the way to let something come through. Unfortunately I think my lyrics lean too far towards a bluesy tune, which is kind of more moving towards my main writing genre. I have already started on a couple more song ideas just in case I can’t fit this song to a pop melody and sell everyone on the idea of it being a pop song.. lol

But here’s what I got thus far ..

Twisted edge                              by Lynn Mantle

I’m complicated

Don’t try to figure me out

You’ve under rated

What I’m all about

You been dancin’ about

On a slippery ledge

I’m smoother than silk

With a twisted edge


You don’t know me by a long shot

And you can’t call me yours

I’m smooth with a twist

Like I told you before

Smooth with a twist X2

You call me baby

Like that’s my name

Think you got swagger (But you’re all swagger)

Think you got game      (Ain’t got no game)

You shower me with presents  (gifts)

Like my love can be bought

You’re not the hunter but the hunted (You’re the hunted, not the hunter)

It’s you who’s been caught


My heart grows tired

Of your silly game

I need a fire

Not a flickering flame

Your best moves don’t impress me

Like they did before

Tired of everything about you

Think I’ll show you the door


The moral of our story

Is plain to see

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

And don’t you dare go judging me

Smooth with a twist x2

I will follow up this entry with my final product for this week soon (I hope).

Bright Blessings,

Lynn xx

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